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The right shoulder must move downplane at the start of the downswing, so that the right forearm can be driven towards impact along an inside track. Note that the left wrist appears less cupped less dorsiflexed.

All effort is frustration, and a feeling that I am just a clutz with no idea of balance. Your videos are a big help. In both images, the clubface is facing the target at impact, while the clubhead swingpath is in-to-out relative to the ball-target line.

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Many golfers start the downswing with an upper body move where they rotate their shoulders too horizontally around a spine that becomes tilted to the left instead of being tilted to the right. The right wrist must not cock upwards during the backswing. Note the excessive pelvic slide - the outer border of the left hip is outside the left foot. Seriously, how can you ever hit a ball, and hit it the same each time with all those thoughts cluttering your mind? Find a Job with Indeed Jobs.

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Many amateur golfers see certain professional golfers eg. That's all there is to it. Right arm action - Not straightening the right arm through impact allows the clubface to remain open. Note that Brady Riggs has rotated his pelvis, which causes his right buttocks to move leftwards and backwards away from the ball-target line. Note that the back of his left hand is flat and straight-in-line with this left forearm.

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Heck, you might have even tried to fix that nasty thing yourself! So how do you fix this abomination of a shot? Many Pro's, that we pay for lessons, do not know how to teach. Enjoy video animations and enhancements to take your learning experience to the next level.

Shawn your videos are so good! Go on the course with Shawn and learn how to take your swing from the range to the course. Shawn has put together videos that will relate to you and your game, epson epl n2000 driver and if you happen to forget a helpful point you can just watch it again.

Note that the outer border of his left pelvis red arrow is outside the left foot, and that it is due to excessive sliding of the left pelvis left-laterally during the downswing. Senior Golfer Senior Golfer. Today I hit a drive yards with a lovely draw! Note that the left thumb is placed just to the right of the center of the top-of-the-shaft slightly aft of the club. It may be due to a failure to pivot-rotate the pelvis during the backswing.

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You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. The exact clubshaft angle at impact depends on the club - being steeper for short irons, compared to long irons and woods.

Shawn clement driver slice

The ball will go straight and tend to fall to the left at the end of the ball flight. Get in-depth help with real shots on the course like bunkers, fescue, rough, tee shots, wedges and more! Note that the pencil, which is vertical to the clubface, points to the right. You sir are a golf genius! The further back the ball position, the more likely the clubface will be open for a given position of the hands at impact because there is less time to complete the release swivel action.

There are a number of causes of an out-to-in clubhead swingpath, and I will discuss them in sequence. Mirror for the follow through to create a nice simple pivot.

This is how high you should tee your driver. Oliver Heuler is a deeply analytical golf instructor, who is based in Germany, and he has obviously spent a large amount of time studying the slice swing fault. The second image shows a pull-slice ball flight pattern. Control your wrist, and control your slice. If the clubface is open relative to the clubhead swingpath at impact, then the ball would curve even further to the right and result in a push-slice ball flight.

The first image demonstrates a straight slice ball flight. This right wrist bending action will ensure that the left wrist remains flat during the backswing and that it is flat at the end-backswing position. The ball starts off in a direction that is slightly left-of-straight and it curves to the right due to the presence of slice spin caused by the clubface being open relative to the clubhead swingpath.


Golfers need to learn Ball Flight Laws for maximum swing self-correction To improve your swing, you must know why the ball does what it does in flight. Ball location - having the ball too far back in the stance will not allow the clubface to close properly. You tilt the body and use the shoulder to change that plane to more horizontal so you need less rotation of that arm. Hitting fairways is important as we are all more accurate from the short grass. Note that the right shoulder has tilted down towards the right foot, and note how the right elbow gets trapped behind the right hip instead of being in a pitch position in front of the right hip.

Many golf instructors routinely advise their students to adopt a strong grip when their student has a slice problem - even if their grip is neutral and not the cause of their slice problem. During a normal swinger's action, the clubface should be degrees open at the time of first ball contact, and it should continue to close during the time period of ball-clubface contact.