Release notes for the IAR C-SPY E8/E8a Emulator driver

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Release notes for the IAR C-SPY E8/E8a Emulator driver

Here, use the workspace for a tutorial provided on the product. Breakpoints and break conditions can be set by the specific window, trace information can be displayed on a window, and command-line functions can be used. During step execution, a software breakpoint is disabled. When the source file is displayed after a break, a path of the source file may be inquired. The configuration file saves the settings of the Highperformance Embedded Workshop except for the emulator.

E8a emulator usb driver

Batch processing is enabled when a file is created by arranging commands in input order. To return to a higher-level function, enter Step Out. This section describes how to stop the program by setting an address match breakpoints at specific locations in your code. Describes the usage of each function or command syntax input from the command line window. Press Center News Releases Notices.

E8a Emulator User s Manual

Step Over Executes a function call in a single step. The columns are displayed in this popup menu. Below you will find information to support the development of your application. Adjust the sleep time length which differs according to the operating environment. Be careful with these instructions.

The Project Generator is started. All information included in this document such as product data, diagrams, charts, programs, algorithms, and application circuit examples, is current as of the date this document is issued. Decimal Uses a decimal for displaying a radix in which the numerical values will be displayed and entered by default.

An overview and setting of the break function are described below. Therefore, it does not fall under the application of Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law and protection against electromagnetic interference when used in Japan.


Any update from Renesas when we can expect this driver is available in future atleast. You should implement safety measures so that Renesas products may not be easily detached from your products. Information on system requirements and operating environment for the latest version of tools. Assembly Executes stepping in a unit of assembly instructions.

The access address, instruction fetch address, data, or bus cycle condition can be set. If you choose Go or Step after stopping at the address match breakpoint, then the line marked with an arrow will be the next instruction to be executed. Executes the specified routine of the user program immediately before starting and immediately after halting program execution.

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Details of upgrade See Tool News. Connect Connects the debugging platform. When memory is accessed from the memory window, etc. Execute the self-check program again.

When a break occurs, the program stops just before it is about to execute the line or instruction at which you set an address match breakpoint. This fact must be taken into account when taking this product from Japan to some other country. If a subroutine call is reached, then the subroutine will not be entered. Make sure that the host computer and the user system are placed in a secure position so that they do not move during use nor impose stress on the user interface.

Exit the Project Generator following the instructions on the screen. If the check box is gray, the column is enabled in some files and disabled in others. Perform the self-check again from the beginning.

Halt Program Esc Stops the execution of the user program. The version is checked at installation and this library is copied to the hard disk as part of the installation process. High-performance Embedded Workshop V. Enter the new workspace name. The result is reneeas seamless toolchain enabling highly efficient program development from coding to building and debugging.

This function is used to control the user system in synchronization with execution and halting of the user program. Data can also be directly edited around the current position of the text cursor. Make the required setting for the toolchain.

When a break condition is disabled, the break condition will remain in the list, but an event will not occur when the specified conditions have been satisfied. If this guarantee does not apply to your product's fault, we will repair the product or replace it with a new one with extra-charge. Connect the user system interface cable to the connector of the emulator. The first point display in the State line changes from Disable to Enable. This is the end of the emulator settings.

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Release notes for the IAR C-SPY E8/E8a Emulator driver

It is recommended that a program for checking the memory be created. If all of the components are not present, contact your nearest Renesas sales office.

After the High-performance Embedded Workshop has been activated, the emulator is automatically connected. To connect the emulator, use one of the methods a and b below. The specific functions of the emulator are described in the next section. This emulator has been developed as a means of supporting system development by users. However, compaq presario sr5220an drivers areas for the emulator program and vector areas used by the emulator will be changed.