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When you hear the fax tone from the handset, enter the two-digit remote switch dial number using the dial button on the telephone set. When the call is from a fax Once the ringing tone stops, fax reception will start automatically. Cancelling Memory Transmission while originals are being scanned During memory transmission, to cancel scanning of originals, press the Stop key on the operation panel.

Original width Adjust these guides according to the original guides width. Automatic Redial This function automatically redials a receiving system that does not respond when you try to send fax. Encryption Setup and Registration Encryption This method allows you to communicate with originals encrypted by the sending system. You can send originals to up to destinations in one operation.

Rings Setup and Registration Rings You can change the number of times to let the phone ring before answering a call as needed. Correct the time displayed on the operation panel regularly. Faxes received during this Unusable Time are printed when the setting is unlocked. Sub addresses enable communication modes with third-party machines that were previously only possible between our brand machines.

Drivers Olivetti D-Copia Mf

This function is convenient for using this machine and a telephone set commercially available product in combination installed at places distant from each other. Entering Alphabets and Numerals Referring to the table below, press the key corresponding to the character you want to enter until it is displayed. Keys Used Use the following keys to enter characters. This communication is still possible when the other party is using a third-party machine provided it is equipped with the same type of sub address communication function. Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro Usb.

Drivers Olivetti D-Copia Mf

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Character Entry Method Character Entry Method In character entry screens, use the procedure below to enter characters. Displays the Address Book screen, where you can add destinations. If multiple contacts are specified, they are dialed in sequence and originals are received from each contact. Clear Key Press this key to delete the character at the cursor position.

The connected telephone set makes ringing tone the set number of times. Lift the handset of the telephone. After reception has started, the Processing indicator blinks. The dumping of these devices at unequipped and unauthorized places may have hazardous effects on health and the environment.

Resets settings and displays the basic screen. The machine stores memorizes originals to send in memory temporarily, and automatically repeats dialing and transmission to the set destination afterwards.

Using the memory forwarding function, d-link airplus dwl-g520 drivers for windows 7 you can store received originals in a personal Sub Address Box. You can also print the transmitted image in the send result report. You can change the number of times the ringing tone rings.

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The Olivetti Group is a heritage brand of Italian industry and today is a driving force behind digital evolution. Olivetti SpA - Company with sole shareholder. Olivetti offers excellent development possibilities to companies interested in entering its business partner network.

The search result appears. Activating Time Setting Specifies whether a time is specified. The manufacturer reserves the right to carry out modifications to the product described in this manual at any time and without any notice.

Sales Network Find your closest Olivetti retailer. Refer to this list as necessary when you operate the machine. The sending system conducts encrypted transmission. The method for sending originals to one destination after setting the start time is explained here. Encrypted transmission can be also used in broadcast transmission.


It is useful for confirming the time of reception if the fax is from a different time zone. This allows the receiving machine to tailor the reception of originals to its own circumstances.

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Drivers olivetti d copia 500mf