Quake Live match making and ad-hoc on-demand servers hosting

Welcome to - on demand quake live servers creation and match making

This is a service to create a server on demand, or find a good match with just one click. At the moment service is in beta, and supports only duels. Which means that it most likely will conduct some useful work, but also will occasionally fail. This service needs cookies to operate properly. By using this service you agree to that cookies. It also will ask you to sign in via steam, to identify your stats and bind servers to you.

On Demand Quake Live duel servers

Useful in case if you don't want to setup a quake live server yourself and don't need it permanently. Click on demand in the top menu. Click create server. Then send a provided link to your friend. Click on link - steam launcher will kick you into the game.

Match making

Match making is about finding a good fair game for you. It is uses to find out your rating(glicko). Then it matches you with someone with the same glicko who is also waiting in the queue. Same glicko means +- 300 points. Which is quite a big gap. In case if service will gain popularity it will be possible to reduce the gap. It also pushes statistics back to

Process is quite straightforward - click start match on matchmake page. Then click on the link.


In case if you encounter troubles - check service statistics page - it can be that no free servers left. We are planning to add more servers in the future. In case if you experience any other issues, or find a bug - please mail me directly at